First Hatch Due 3/19!! UPDATE: Want some of these Babies?


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Hi guys! I am a science teacher and mom that has recently fallen in love with chickens. I really wanted to hatch out a few babies to keep for eggs to I asked a local FreeCycle thread for some fertile eggs. I started out with 30 "mutt" eggs that a woman gave me to try to hatch with a HovaBator still-air incubator a teacher friend gave me. I also had someone give me 3 Muscovy duck eggs! I am on day 11 with the chickens and so far all but 2 are thriving! The Muscovy's are on day 7 and they take quite a bit longer to hatch but they are showing development too. Here are some pictures! Anyone else expecting babies next weekend? Anyone with advice for my first time? I know to "lock down" at day 18 and stop turning, increase the humidity and open vents. I will have to open quickly to turn the 3 duck eggs but that should only take a quick moment. Ideas?


Chicken Day 4


Duck Day 6


Chicken Day 11

Chicken Day 11

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I'm starting to get anxious now... today is day 13 so I am getting closer to lock down day by day. I really love turning and candling them so that's going to be the hard part. PLUS.. I'm starting to get worried about keeping the humidity up etc.

I've read so much information and it's all starting to blur together...

I know that on lockdown:

* fill all of my wells to ensure high humidity
* lay paper towels/cheesecloth over the wire to help the chicks that hatch
* ONLY open the bator for a quick moment once a day to pull dry chicks

UM.. am I missing anything?? I have my chick starter, a lamp (getting a new warming bulb. I have a UV one for my snake that is pretty warm but I want a red/ceramic one for light control), bedding and hubby is working on a brood box..

Advice please.. I feel like I'M about to give birth...

My babies are due next weekend also ! Im so darn excited!! I have sat 16 and 14 are going strong BUT i am using a broody hen instead!
oh cool!! Well, the good news is that you will probably high a higher success rate then me since hens know what they are doing ..

Best of luck and keep me posted!
i don't know if this is right

from what i've read the chicks can survive two or even three days without eating or drinking right after they're born

and you shouldn't be opening the incubator lest the remaining chicks become shrink-wrapped.

someone else jump in here if i'm wrong.
Uh oh... well, I have 31 eggs in there (28 chicken 3 duck) and it's just a small styrofoam HovaBator. I'm not sure how much room they would have and I wouldn't want them disturbing the others trying to hatch.
Mine are due on the 17th, but like the post above if you can hold off taking the chicks out of the bator until all are hatched please do this way your other chicks wont shrink wrap.

Good Luck

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