First hatch- it’s almost hatch day. Any advice?


Jun 27, 2019
So it’s our first hatch. It looks like we’ve gotten 21 out of 22 potential chicks to come. (Something ate one of them yesterday, so sad.) I have a very large box with two broody mommas in there. Pic attached. Is this enough room to keep all these chicks in, and should I even try to keep them there or just keep them within the coop and run until they’re bigger?? How long would you recommend? I’ve got 20 total large birds that will need to range in and out the coop so I’ve added a board so the chicks won’t be able to escape but the big ones still can. What sort of precautions should I take as it’s day 19 and hopefully we’ll see some pipping soon.


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the broodies will bring them out when they think they are ready. You may need to help the chicks get back up the ramp at bed time (which will be earlier than the rest of the flock, e.g. my broody gets her brood in bed by 6.30pm, while the rest are out till 9). The chicks will try to follow their mums, and they will not move far for the first few days at least.
You will need a shallow water dish on the ground, with marbles or suchlike in it, so that they chicks don't drown in it.
Good luck - and enjoy your broodies and chicks!
Are these little spiderweb cracks normal? Day 19


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No those are not normal. Looks like the egg got crushed somehow during the incubation period

Have you candled the egg to see if there is movement or growth inside?
This is my first hatch and yes, I did then. But I’m not totally sure what’s normal or what is not normal. The egg is very dark inside all the way around I still do you see some beans there is a little bit of movement but I’m not sure what an appropriate amount is. I pulled these out from under a hen who has now eaten four of her eggs or so I think it is her and put them under the other hand so hopefully if they’re still OK in there they’ll survive.

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