First hatch, one was shrinkwrapped

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    Aug 26, 2011
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    One of my chicks was shrinkwrapped, I helped it this morning, it got out of it's shell, but had membrane over one eye and shards of shell stuck to it here and there. It was still in the bator and I took it to the sink and dabbed warm water on it's eye and got that piece of membrane off of it and its eye will still not open, and i dabbed water over the shards of shell and they r still stuck to it's feathers (or is it down on a new chick) and i did not want it out of warmth to long so i put it back in the bator, anyhow it is hopping around now like chicks do, it's wings are free, and other than the pieces of shell and remaining membrane it is doing good. One other chick is not doing so good, and the last chick I put into the brooder was pecking at his two hatch mates who remain in the bator. Now Chunks (That is what I named it because of the chunks of shell on it) Is happy and will probably be fluffed in the morning, can I put him in the brooder even with his chunks or will the last chick in the brooder pick on him again? Thank you for listening and your replies.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    As long as he is walking, eating and drinking fine, there's no reason for him to NOT be in with the other chicks [​IMG]
    Those shell pieces will eventually come off. If they're still there once he's dry, they can be pulled off with ease.
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    Yeah, if he's up and hopping around he should be just fine. The bits of shell and gunk will fall off in time as his feathers start to grow in...

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