First hatch, set the eggs 06-07-11 Join me?

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    May 24, 2011
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    Okay, well first 3 were set on the 7th, then periodically as they were laid up to #10 yesterday. Started with a styrofoam cooler using a night light bulb and a pill bottle of water. Upgraded to a coleman cooler incubator. They are button quail eggs from my own buttons. Not sure how many if any will really hatch. Believe I saw one wiggle last night. Natural hatch date is I believe 06-20. So I do not expect any hatches till 23rd. Very nervous, already set my humidity higher since we have a wiggler, but keeping an eye that it doesn't get too hgh and drown the freshly laid eggs. I use a reptile filter pump to make water go into the air more efficiently and humidify the bator better.
    Daddy Quail
    My setup
    Photo from a couple days ago when there were just six eggs

    Now using a egg thing from costco that seems to fit perfectly to help hold the eggs up in the correct position. Turning them 3 or more times a day. One of my new eggs is really small like half the size of the others, idk if it is a dud or not..

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