first hawk attack experienced!!!

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    So I got home from school went directly to the horse stalls when I hear commotion coming from the chicken run. My chickens are going crazy and my guineas are screeching like crazy!! I begin to run towards the run when I see my German Shepherd also running towards the run(my gsd does not care for chickens at all) so I got even more scared. Once I get there a Freakin hawk is pulling my injured red hen!!!! I dont even know how the hawk got her out of the run!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily my GSD was trying to snap at the hawk so it flew away. My chicken is pretty beat up so I put her in a cage inside my goat nursery. I must say when I got chickens i never thought id be a victim of hawks!!! Im still puzzled as to how in the world the hawk was able to get my chicken out of the run!! Well I just wanted to share my experience. Have a good day everyone
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    It's horrible. I'm in the UK and got a Buzzard attack, I really didn't expect it at all. It killed 3 in a week. Took 2 and left one to die (it did die). I hope you're girl recovers!
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    The hawk's ability to get the chicken out would depend upon the height of your fence, openings into the run, or a door ajar. Predators can be quite determined.

    Just a note of clarification: a buzzard in Europe and thereabouts is different from the vulture that is commonly called a buzzard in North America. What is called a buzzard in North America is a scavenger; the European buzzard is a predator.

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    A hawk on the ground chasing after hens will usually cause one or two hens to fly out of the pen in desperation to escape. Then it just becomes a matter of the hawk catching the hen.

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