First incubation, how much water in a Hoovabator do I use? How often?

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Apr 24, 2009
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Ok, I've had my incubator up and running to get it ready for the eggs I am about to set in it come tomorrow morning (provided they arrive today as expected
), and I added in the water at the bottom, but I don't really know how much to add, or how often to add it. I would assume that at 100 percent humidity the water will evaporate rather quickly, and it already looks like the water is gone. Can someone tell me, from their own experience, what is the proper amount of water to use, and how often should I refill? I want to have as good a hatch rate as I possibly can. This is my first incubator and I know lots of people on here have used the styrafoam bators before, so I am hoping someone will help me with this. Thanks everyone!
Nobody can tell to how often you need to refill it because it will depend on the humidity where you live.
But here is what I do if it helps. Fill the center trough with warm water to the top. Refill it when ever it is getting low. It is not the depth of the water that increases humidity it is the surface area. I end up having to refill mine about every 3-4 days.

Good luck with your hatch.

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