First lockdown question


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5 Years
Sep 14, 2014
So tonight was my lockdown for my first incubation attempt and I'm a little worried. I currently have 23 Coturnix quail eggs in right now in a LG still air 9200. I started by doing the dry hatch method which has gone well so for but, tonight i added water to up the humidity for hatching and it got up to 77%. Which i figured would be fine. My real issue is my temp. I filled up all the water channel with warm water from the tap. Which i took the temp of with my infrared grilling thermometer and the water is measured 102. I put the water in about an hour or so ago and, the temp in my incubator plummeted to 92 degrees according to the thermometer that came with the incubator. I also took a couple of readings with the infrared thermometer and i measured 94 degrees on top of the eggs. i guess my real question is how long do i have to correct the temp or should i just wait and see how its going tomorrow morning when i get up.

Thanks in advance,

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