First meat bird project

Jul 30, 2020
Over this past weekend I was able to complete my meat chicken project. It was a great experience all the way through. I'd like to thank this forum for all of the info shared here.

I started with 20 cornish from TSC. I lost two pretty quickly and finished with 18 birds in the freezer. They were raised in a tractor that was moved once a day. They had 24 hour food for the first 4 weeks and 12 on 12 off for the final 4 weeks. On butchering day all the birds were healthy happy and running around. It took 2 guys only a couple of hours to butcher all of the birds. Not bad for a first timer imo.

Overall it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It has brought me joy to be able to fill a freezer for my family.


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