First Meat Birds, questions of course

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Hello all,

Tomorrow I am going to pick up my first meat birds (ever) from the Co-Op country store in town. They weren't sure on the breed of them when I asked they said "Meat Kings" but I am assuming they are CornishX as they are the most common meat birds and any specific breeds you order from them costs more but I may be wrong.

Anyhow, after this winter I have decided I am going to be building my egg hens a more easily accessible chicken coop that I won't have to completed dig out after every snow storm and one that doesn't open from the bottom. What does this have to do with the the meat chickens and questions I have? I was wondering if it would be OK for the meat chickens to use the current coop while they finish growing (they'll be in the house until reach for the outdoors) afterwards? The coop is made almost completely of pallets as such is wood and I have been using the deep litter method. Would this be a risk to the meat chickens and is there a way to completely sterilize wood if it is? I'd rather not have to build two completely new coops this year, even if one is only temporary, but if I must I will.

My second question is in regards to food. Do I start them off with a chick starter like I did with me egg layers or do you start them with a grower? I've heard of people doing it but ways but that was only on the internet and haven't heard from any first hand experience.

Thanks in advance!
The first time I raised them I had them mixed in with my egg layers. Now I will never do that again, but that's just me. They're way too messy and mine only sleep with the egg layers, during the day they're all in a giant run. I have fed chick starter for the first 6-7 weeks then switched to a finisher and have had good size birds come 8-10 weeks.

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