First night in the coop -> walnut sized hail

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by True Grit, Jun 27, 2010.

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    [​IMG] My 5 week olds had to go into the coop as they had been flying around and getting more aggressive with each other. I put them out on Friday during the day as I was doing a "French drain" around the coop with pea gravel and I would be near to check the temps etc. At about 6 that night we had what started out as marble sized hail. I ran to put my car in the garage, which meant we had to move aside a bunch of coop construction stuff. Poor DH didn't have room to get his car in so we grabbed a tarp and ran up the hill to his car to try and protect it a little. As we ran, the hail got bigger and started to hurt where it hit. I was scared to death we were going to get baseball size. We jumped in the car and sat it out. Luckily it didn't last too long but there was no chance to get to my chickies. At least I had closed their window when I heard the thunder and they have trees overhead. I can't tell how traumatized my chicks are but they have gone completely wild since I moved them. They won't come to my hand unless I have a mealworm and then it is only the friendliest one. Mostly they climb the walls trying to get away from me.Is that common? Will they tame down again? There is a pic of the leftover hail on my coop construction page.
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    [​IMG] It might take a week or two for you to gain their trust again.[​IMG] "Never give up! Never surrender!" Continue offering those hand-held treats. Take it slow, don't try to get up close right away. Let them come see what it is that you have. Just talk normally & their curiosity will bring them to you. Work with them daily.

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