First Night Out


In the Brooder
8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
My sweeties are all in the coop tonight. They are four weeks old and have been living in my livingroom. I came home today and two had escaped and were running around the house! Anyways, the brooder was getting too small anyways. The lamp is shinning brightly in the coop keeping them warm. They grow so fast:)
Yay! They grow so fast. My 4 week old ones are in the coop, too. I put a special little wire contraption/cage in the corner, with a roost in it, and locked them up. they'd love to roost with the big chicks, but they'd get picked on. So I still have to keep them separated. Then in the mornings, I let the big chicks into the run first, then the little ones into the coop. Next week I'll try them all together in the run - if they can't squeak thru the 2x4" fencing.

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