First problem I've encounted with differing breeds

Rickaby chooks

6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Windsor, Sydney NSW Australia
My Peking bantam has turned broody and my 2 isa's handled it for about the first week, but have now turned on her. These are my only 3 chickens. They all played nicely together before this. The broody is now pecked and wounded on her head, I've sin binned her now for her safety. My question is if I can break her broodiness does anyone know if they will go back to being friends? : ( and what should I do, as even though I've sin binned her she hasn't eaten or drank in days?

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With no roosters you will not have any hatching, keep her isolated until she heals and then return her to the flock. Remove any eggs she is trying to lay on. Are you sure she is broody and not sick? If she is still laying than she is not broody. If she is not laying check for egg bound. If she is not eating or drinking try placing both within her reach while laying down. If she still doesn't eat or drink you may need to force it with a syringe. It is not easy and requires small amounts to prevent aspiration and choking.
Good luck, it is hard to break the broodyness. Hopefully she will figure it out. If not, take advantage and buy some fertile eggs to throw under her. After she is done your flock should take her back just fine.

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