First Quail Egg and She put it in the Bator!


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
South Alabama
My DD has 2 pet pharoh quail and she came running in today with their first egg....and put it in my bator...
I couldn't tell her no but I would have rather blown it out and put it in the egg bowl.

Is the the same amount of time for a quail to hatch as a chicken?
17 days generally, quit turning at 14-15 days. Same temp and humidity
Youll have to look up that kind of quail as they very button are about 16-17 days and cortunix are 18 or so days but some types can go up to 23 days .. probly youres will hatch in 16-23 days

Good luck
Ahh, they hatch sooner! Well, this will be our first. I haven't ever much been into quail but they do lay really pretty eggs
That is why I wanted it blown out and in the egg bowl.

Will they lay every day like a chicken?

thanks for the quick response btw
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Monarc has a great how to thread thats now on 50+ pages... the first 5 are the most info packed
Thanks ~ I will read over it.

The first time I heard these guys "calling" I was stumped trying to figure out what just made that sound. They don't sound like the bob white quail that run around wild here. LOL I figured it out though and I like it. It sounds neat.

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