First 'Real' Show!!!

Celtic Hill

9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Scotland CT
So sunday i have my first real show, supper excited and nervous! I washed the chickens today and put them in the laundry room with the heat fan on to dry them. My horse trailer is setup so they will live in there for the next two days so they don't ruin their feathers on their wire cages. Im waiting for some more water to heat up so i can was my brother's buff orpington. Supposedly she is from some really nice stock, so i told my brother i would show her for him because he has a hunting course the same day...Why did he have to pick a giant breed of chicken??? lol

Im kinda nervous because i realize some of my faults on my bird, like minimal feathering on middle toe, and some feather damage due to being on wire...So i hope i won't get laughed at! I show horses and it's so cut throat! Im really just going to have fun, next year im going to show a little more seriously because i should have some better stock... So any advice for a newbie?

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