First Really COLD day In Upstate NY!


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Jun 30, 2010
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Guess the girls and Roo don't seem to mind!



first cold day???...we had a cold snap a few weeks ago...on a monday! the teens!.....but we have snow now!!! girls are NOT happy with it out there!
We have had a bit of cold, but nothing like today! It is less than 20 degrees and blowing! I should not complain since it is Jan. for God's sake!!!!!!!! And we have not had much more snow than we have now! Things could be a lot worse!!!!
I can manage to deal with the cold, but the snow just makes things complicated!!!! I spend all my time shoveling paths for the chickens and never get to the driveway! At least the ducks could always glide over the top of the snow!
It was 1 (one) degree when I let the girls out this morning. They could care. They stay out all day. It seems that when it is coldest ... I have to physically put them into the coop for the night!
We just ended a 3 day Blizzard which i think is what you guys are getting now.

Saturday, it was 12 deg with 45=50 mph winds with higher gusts and my dopy chickens and ducks are the same as yours, I have to "bribe" them to go into their coop.

We have 3 ft of snow already, and its impossible to keep up with shoveling paths for
Also in upstate NY.. we hit sub-zero yesterday and my chickens didn't even notice.. ran outside like I was chasing them with an axe!
No heat in the coops, they didn't care.

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