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    My daughter has her first show on Oct 15, and we are really excited It is a 4-H show and she will be taking one Partridge Cochin Bantam, one Partridge Silkie and one Black Ameraucana and one Blue Ameraucana, most are pullets, the silkie is the only roo ( if we sexed it right, its still not crowing). Any advice on how to prep the birds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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    Quote:Bathe all your feathered birds 7-10 days prior to the show to allow time for natural oils to get back into the feathers.
    keep cooped in small area with heavy litter such as pine shavings after bathing, For cochins blow dry well they take a day or two to fluff back up.
    Handle all the birds daily for the same period.
    Trim Toe nails, file back to a point, trim beak if needed.
    Clean face and combs fully. and daily
    Re-clean legs and feet daily.

    After bathing apply some vaseline to teh legs of clean legged birds to loosen any old leg scales so they will come off easily.

    The day after bathing you can apply Show sheen or "Pink" oil hairspray, to a smooth fine woven cloth then wipe the bird with the cloth. This will help with feather sheen and help keep anything from adhering to the the feathers. makes coop in clean up easier.

    1-Q-tips (To apply Head Dressing and clean under or around comb)
    2-Toe nail clippers
    3-Head Dressing (1/2 olive oil, 1/4-witch hazel, 1/4 alcohol)
    4-Revlon Finsheen Hairspray ( Apply to rag and not directly on bird)
    5-Cleaning Cloth (Teflon Coated Gun Cloth) (Rag I use to dust the bird off and what I spray the hair spray on.)
    6-Wash Cloth ( For Cleaning Feathers, Head, Feet.)
    7-Small Bucket ( I put water in this bucket for my wash cloth)
    8-Baby Wipes (For a quick cleaning if needed, get the ones with alcohol they dry faster. But be carefull using these on the face. Will burn them on occasion)
    9-Lighter ( To cauterize bloody toe nail)
    10-1/2 gallon of water ( Better than hunting were the faucet is at the show)
    12-Plastic Bathroom Cups (Some clubs do not buy new ones, they buy paper ones or they do not fit properly in the cage)
    13- Clear Plastic dividers. incase of birds fighting through the cages
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    Bathe all your feathered birds

    What about the non-feathered ones?​
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    Feb 24, 2011
    silkies should be washed one or 2 days befor show and blow dried
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    Quote:What about the non-feathered ones?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Very Funny, I thought the same thing!!


    Thanks for all the info! just a couple of questions. What is head dressing, is that for the combs? What is the hairspray for? Is it a feather/coat conditioner?
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    Ohhhh, I just hit the print button ! Awesome info. Thank you

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