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  1. This is my first sick chicken and I dont know where to start trying to figure out whats wrong.
    This morning when I opened up the coop she just stayed on the roost. She is closing one eye and she is a little puffed up. She is about 2 years old. Her name is Lucy and she is a RIR. Her crop feels empty and I believe she was fine yesterday. I separated her for now. I also did not see leg mites or bugs. No sneezing or wheezing.
    I have never wormed my chickens but I dont see any signs of worms.
    Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?
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    When you say puffed up are you talking about her feathers being puffed up? Most important thing is to make sure she drinks, Crops are suppose to be empty in the morning but full at night. Check her crop tonight make sure she's eating, if she's roosting all day, try cooking up some scrambled eggs see if you can get her to eat some. The one eye is it closed because she's just closing it or because it's sooo puffed up from someone pecking at it?
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    Look around and see if there is any chicken poo with blood in it.
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    You could cage her to watch her droppings and to see how much she is eating and drinking. If you have a little buttermilk or yogurt, you could mix a little in her feed for some probiotics. I usually worm them with Valbazen or SafeGuard if I find one like this. Feel her breastbone to see if she has lost weight. Has she been laying? You could check her vent for a stuck egg. Older hens sometimes suffer from internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis, especially if they have a history of soft eggs or broken eggs inside the vent.
  5. Hello again,

    Yes her feathers are puffed up a bit and she had her head tucked in a little like she was sleeping, she never sleeps when I open up the coop. They are always off the roost and out eating first thing in the morning. Her eye has no wounds or abrasions, she is just closing it herself.
    I have her in a hospital ward bunny cage type of coop so I can keep an eye on her. She is not pacing to get out like I would expect. I made her some scrambled eggs and I will go down soon to see if she is eating. I will watch for abnormal poo and post in a bit. I looked around the main coop and did not see any bloody stool in there anywhere.
    Thanks all
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