First sucessful broody hatch!!!

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9 Years
May 13, 2010
I'm so eggsited!!!! My little OEGB laid 9 eggs under a lawn mower in the yard and stayed there till they hatched. Thought that something would get her being outside that long, but the only thing that got to her were mites. First chick hatched on the 27th. last was two days ago. We had been bringing them in the house after they were dry and fluffy so the mites wouldn't get to them. I did treat her and the area around her. Was worried though that she wouldn't take them back. So yesterday when she got off the remaining stinky 2 eggs I grabbed her and brought her in. After a few pecks on the head and some little clucks, they all piled under her!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
As of this morning, all 7 are doing great!!!!!!! I have 6 different shaded little chipmunks!!!

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