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    Dec 12, 2011
    Near Waco, TX
    So, my emu, Genghis Khan, was acting very strangely a few days ago.
    He was just sitting around and kept craning his neck back (honestly, it kinda looked like he was pretending to be a swan). We took him to the vet. He ended up getting 2 shots, had to have some fluids injected, and also got some Baytril. We have to give him the Baytril twice a day for one week. Turns out he may have had a respitory infection.
    And it couldn't have come at the worse time. My husband's job is...not so friendly right now. For the past two months, we've only gotten half of our paychecks (if any at all, lately). We manage two households (ours and his dad's).
    Well, the vet visit cost over $200.
    So, we come home and life continues...FOR A DAY!
    My husband, John, asks "should we put the emu in their barn tonight?"
    I said "Nah, they've been doing really well and it's gonna be warm tonight" (by the way, Genghis Khan is seperate from the other 3 emus due to his infection)

    So, we watch a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and my hubby says "I'm going to go check on the animals, be right back"
    He's gone for almost an hour. Not out of the ordinary. He'll check out all the animals, give the goats some attention, and all that jazz sometimes.

    He comes in finally.
    "I can't find one of the emus..." Husband
    "Which one?"
    "I'm not sure"

    We go out there and the littlest emu is missing. My baby girl, Sapphire.
    This was about two nights ago now. I still can't find her. I don't even know how she got out of the pen...

    What's worse is I feel like this always happens to me. I start to develop a favorite animal and then something terrible happens. I used to always name my favorite animal "Mustard"...I dunno why! But it always seemed like "Mustard" was the one that got attacked by someone's dog, randomly catches a bad cold, etc. etc. Needless to say...I stopped naming my favorites "Mustard".

    My husband even has the misfit group of critters that manages to live! One has a really messed up leg, two are missing eyes...stuff like that (he has this soft spot for injured/hurt whenever they show up on Craigslist...we end up with them). But it's always my perfectly healthy animals suddenly coming down with something or, recently, somehow escaping the pen and not coming back.

    I even just sold more than half of my chicken flock so that I could focus more on my emus (and lets face it, they eat lots of food and with the paycheck problem, we couldn't afford to feed all the chickens as well as the emus).


    At any rate, it's been one of THOSE weeks. So, I would really appreciate everyone's prayers right now. I still have some hope that Sapphire will come back, but I'm very worried =/
  2. FireTigeris

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    *hugs and prayers*
  3. chickenzoo

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    So sorry, I hope you find her. I'd put up missing posters at the feed stores, on Craigslist etc.. And call your local animal shelter and let them know to be on the look out......
  4. IlaWampa

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    Mar 12, 2012
    oh, that's horrible! I worry about mine getting out ... I would be so upset if one were missing! Hugs and prayers to you. Please let us know if you find her.
  5. Chick1043

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    Jun 5, 2011
    [​IMG] Hope you find her soon!
  6. nanaluvsgps

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    Apr 5, 2012
    I so very sorry for you. Hugs. Kisses. Prayers xx
  7. MarissaC

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Near Waco, TX
    Thanks everyone for your prayers and kind words.
    We have a predator that keeps getting into our pen somehow. It's taken one of my Iceland chickens and a few ducks now. We haven't seen the predator itself yet, but it leaves a lot of evidence (feathers, bodies...).
    My husband might be getting a job as the City Manager. We have to wait a couple weeks til we know. Alas, the current company still has yet to pay us, but we're getting by!

    In better news...we bought an emu egg from Ebay a while ago. It just hatched today. I'm very excited and it's such a blessing to see some new life!

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