First time bator hatch results..


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Well I am sooo Eggstatic,just have to get hubby building coops cause I went egg crazy. I kept hearing 50% hatch rate so kept hitting bid now lol! So from bator #1 we had 29 eggs that were fertile (out of 26 purchaced) So ith extras 29 made it to last candle YEAH.. Well hatch is done and we have 10 Welsummers, 9 Polish and 5 Silkies. All are good but one Silkie has a bad leg not sure when to treat or if to treat as its like a 1/2 case of Spraddle leg. I am so happy with the amount of chicks but wondering oh no. Because I have 6 Phoneix , 13 Blue Cochin, 8 White Cochin and 3 Silkies in bator #2 left to go. Actually as soon as I get this bator cleaned out I am locking the Phoneix down they are on day 18 now!! I am in awe I did this blind all the eggs were shipped I didnt let any sit before putting in the bator and marked them all with perminant marker! Also no egg turner thanks for all contiuned help! Will post a pic when I find my camera..

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