First time building a coop!

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    ...Although this isn't my first chicken coop [​IMG].

    My chickens we're over at my boyfriends Grand parents farm. But I got sick of always having to walk there or drive. So now the chickens are being moved, to a slightly smaller coop. But they don't know some of them have been sold [​IMG] , best to keep them out of the loop.

    I'm making a 4x5 coop, and at the start only my 2 Japs will be living there. The boyfriend and I have only been working on the coop for 2 nights, for about 3 hours each time. I'm ready to kill him. He wants to make the coop his way and I want to make it my way [​IMG]. But I've decided I'm going to win this battle because it's my coop and my chickens. Too bad for him. [​IMG]

    Ok so on to the coop. I thought to start I'd show you where the coop will be going. Here's the site.

    The front of the coop, with giant window, will be facing south and all the chickens and future chickens will be free ranged. They have quite a bit of space to run around. But if I find they're getting lost/killed/etc there's a fence I can add onto already there.

    When we first started building the coop was initially going to be on 2 ft 4x4 posts to hold it up.

    It was looking ok and sturdy for the most part, so we added some plywood on top.

    It was at this point I realized it wasn't as sturdy as it should have been and maybe we should try to build it another way. Of course he thought it was fine and that it was "only for chickens". I think I should mention at this point, my boyfriend is a farmer/redneck/hick he builds everything with that personality. Honestly all the cutting of wood was done with a chain saw cause he didn't want to find the skill saw. I couldn't watch half the time. When I build another one of these I will be doing it myself.

    Moving on....

    So I finally convinced him that we should do something else. So we came up with putting 4x4 posts as the entire height of the coop. Attached it back to the frame and we're getting more done. Whoo!
    It's much sturdier now, although the picture makes it look like it's not square, I assure you it is. The pole barn floor just isn't even haha. Oh and sorry about the equipment and wagons in the backs of the pictures.

    We have a little more than that done, the one wall is done we're just waiting on some insulation. I'm going to be working on it today, with a SKILL SAW, and he's gone. Ahhh peace and quiet and everything going my way. [​IMG]
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