first time chicken eggs ! please help !

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    I went on a search for turkey eggs. ( because we lost our turkey to our dog about 2 weeks ago.) We gave the dog to the person we got him from. So off I go on a search for turkey eggs. ( I know wrong season ) up the road is a lady who has tons of turkeys ! I stopped at her house and asked if she had any eggs. She said not now but sometimes the hens lay in winter. her biggest Tom was a Christmas baby last year lol. She said she had a hen sitting and wanted the eggs gone. Said I could have them if I wanted. so I took em home put in my bator ! there is about 18 of them she had been sitting for 3 days already ! yesterday I candled about 4-5 and they were right on ! I am unsure how long they go ? can someone tell me ? I sure hope this works well. any tips ? Thanks so much !

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    Turkeys are 28 days .....Good luck you sure got them are a good price [​IMG]
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