First time chicken mama....what are good sizes for 14 girls? Dh will be soon starting on their new c


7 Years
Mar 16, 2012
Eastern NC
Hi, I am a first time chicken have 14 girls......we have them in their brooder box....a huge box btw, rofl.......they have a temp coop waiting for them, just waiting on temps and time to get right.....dratted cold spring! :)

We have an old dog pen, a huge one, ready for them......I will be spending some time doing some clean up and tidying's about 50x50.....what is an ideal size for a coop for them?
Ideally you want a large walk-in shed with head room for yourself. A 6x10 ft shed would be great for 14 birds. This will give you plenty of options and space for you birds. A 50x50 run area is a great size for your outside space. Hope this helps!

Hello, I had a kept about 15 or so chickens about 5 years ago, had to move so sold them all. But am starting up a new backyard coop this month. The bigger the better, as money and space allow. I had a movable coop on wheels about 30 square feet, and then had an add on run about the same size. It was way under sized for that many chickens, although they did free rang much of the time as well. I experience a lot of pecking on the more submissive ones, to the point of a few of them being killed. This time around I plan on being conservative on space, allowing ample room per bird.

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