First time chicken mama


Jun 3, 2020
Hello fellow chickeners.
On Easter weekend my husband and I drove to Alabama to buy 10 Easter Egger chicks. We bought 10 chicks, with the hope of getting at least 4 hens.
They are now 2 months old and it appears we have 6 hens and 4 roosters! Not bad, considering we were hoping for 3 or 4 hens.
The different colors of the Easter Eggers are just my thing, I love variety. I have babied them since we brought them home, so now it is easier to catch them. Two hens come to me to get a pet and hang out on my shoulder or arm. Yes, occasionally they poop on me. I dont mind much at all.
Yesterday they spent their first night in the coop and they cried at first, then began to settle. No problems all night.
I am having a blast with them. I find myself sitting and watching them or on the computer googling something when I have questions about caring for them.
We live 30 minutes west of Atlanta GA, on 4.7 acres.

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