first time coop!!!!

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  1. narny101

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    Jan 14, 2014
    my chicken adventure is beginning, and here is my idea for a first coop.

    our friends have offered us an old Avery, i'm thinking of making a roost/nest box that can be opened from the outside of the coop attached to the wall so we can hang feeders and water below it, a place for dust bathing in the far corner and using the rest of the space as a run.... we have dogs so we don't want to let them free range without supervision, so i'm thinking of getting them a portable run for them to spend the day in, i will move it each day so they always get fresh grass and yummy bugs without them escaping or being chased by a hypo dog

    sorry for the rant but do you think this is a good idea? i'm open to suggestions
  2. Chickens R Us

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    You can use just about anything for a coop just make sure there is enough room for the amount of chickens you plan to get and the ones you don't plan on getting. AKA chicken math.

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