First time duck hatching


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Just wondering if anyone has any info on how to hatch duck eggs, where to buy them and how to care for them? I'm a first-timer so I really don't know what to do?
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Glad you joined us! I've hatched duck eggs the same way I do chicken eggs, humidity at 45% and 65% lockdown, 99*F in a forced air (with a fan) incubator and had very good results (100% hatch first time), but you will find different people do different things, so read around a bit and decide what will suit you best. Some people have more success using the "dry hatch" method, where you incubate at a lower humidity, others spray the eggs with a little water every now and then. Here is a thread on duck egg incubation that I found very helpful when I attempted hatching duck eggs the first time. It's a loooong thread, but there is some great information there. What I'd recommend, if you are looking for specific answers, is to do a thread search. When you have the thread open, look below the thread title, you will see "search this thread", use the "advanced search options" and type in keywords relating to your query:

Then there are some good threads on incubation and hatching, etc, etc here:

And a really cute, informative article on duckling care:

Best of luck with your hatch!

ETA: Sorry, missed your question on buying duck eggs:
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