first time ducklings !


5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
Wayland, MI
Picked up 3 indian runner ducks yesterday. I think they're a few days old? Been researching them for a while.

Feed store i got them from had them on nipple waterer, nothing for them to dunk their heads. Should i be watching them for anything because of this? Last night one had water bubbles from its mouth, im guessing its was a bit excited to have water? Seems fine now.

When do they start playing more and sleeping less?

Tips and tweeks on set up would be great (sorry, uploading pictures on this site haven't been working for me)
Their in a large wire dog crate with cardboard around the bottom and on puppy pads. I have extra rubber shelf liner grips i can add if that's too slippery? Feed is a small dish. water is a chip dip container with two holes in the top.

Do they play with anything to relieve boredom, besides water, as they get older?

Hardest thing so far is "no kids, their too little right now"



In the Brooder
May 16, 2015
Lefaivre Ontario
Hello! congratulations on your babies! We also just picked up some indian runners. 8 little guys! 2 blue and 2 tuxedo (tan and white) arent they so cute! Ours are 2 and a half week old (one is 3 weeks and what a difference one week makes!) Im going to follow your thread because i have the same questions!

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