First Time Egg Layers & Nail Trimming


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Nov 1, 2020
Hello all!
I don’t remember if I’ve updated but I have 2 more ducks now, who are around 3 and 5 months old.
I’m not sure if they’re going to lay eggs or not, and was wondering if there was any tips on how to prepare for it? (Just in case, I want them to healthy!)

The ducks I have are a 1 year old female Mallard, a 5 month old Blue-Swedish Call cross and a Rouen-Call cross. I’m only guessing as to that being their breeds but I do know they’re calls!

I have some fake eggs but I need to buy more straw and layer feed.
I just moved and am in the process of fixing the shed so they’re inside for now.
I was also wondering what others used to help trim their nails? (Unless it’s just certain rocks)? I was considering a pet nail sander/dremel but I’m too nervous to purchase without reviews/opinions

Thank you for any help! I’ll include photos of the birds
(Side note: they usually have more straw and blankets to sleep on, I was just running out of straw!)


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Callender Girl

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
You have lovely ducks, and they look quite comfortable; my ducks -- who sleep in a semi-enclosed outdoor shelter -- would be jealous, I'm sure, if they saw yours. :)

I have never attempted to trim my ducks' nails. I think they do a good job of wearing them down when they're running around outside during the day. I do have a few chickens who have physical issues and need nail trimming. I just use a pair of manual nail clippers that I bought for the dogs.

I also don't do anything to prepare for eggs. Sometimes, my girls lay in the shelter. Other times, they leave eggs beside it, in the small hay shed, in the middle of the yard or --once in a while -- in their pool. Ducks make life more interesting!

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
I don't trim my ducks nails either and I also have muscovy - so talk about nails. But, my runners barely have anything to worry about.
Are you feeding a duck feed, layer feed, or all flock? Having oyster shell on the side is always a good idea regardless of the feed offered.
I didn't do fake eggs for my ducks. But, I suppose if you care where they lay them, then that's probably a good idea.

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