First time ever designing a coop so I would like some input please


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Oct 1, 2014
I have 6 chickens. And I am designing a coop for them mind you this isn't just my first design of a coop but my first design ever of anything so I have a few pictures of the plans, please give me some input.


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Feb 28, 2013
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Looks like a good plan. I like it that it is 6' tall, so you should be able to go in for cleaning etc. Do you have any nesting boxes planned? For 6 chickens, you will want 2, maybe 3 nesting boxes. The run may be a little small for 6 chickens, you normally want 10 sq feet per bird. If they will be enclosed in the coop due to weather or other reasons, you may want to add some more run space.

What do you plan to built the walls out of, and what will fence in the run?


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Sep 4, 2014

I wanted to keep the cost down. I had little waste of materials.
The roof on the run is 4 ft by 8 ft. 1 sheet of plywood. The coop roof is 4 ft by 4 ft.
The width is 47 inches. This gave me a little pitch on my roof. The biggest wall on the coop is also 4 ft * 4 ft. Made framing it easy.
All 2*4 8 ft-cheap. Shingled the roof with only 2 bundles of shingles. no waste.
I also kept the pitch of the roof of the run and coop towards the back. The reason is the grade of my lawn. The grade runs down in the back so the run is always dry, even with heavy rain.
I did use treated lumber on the ground.


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Apr 29, 2014
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My Coop
The plans look pretty good, and your measurements seem okay for 6 small chickens, although I might still consider making it a bit bigger. Whatever size you decide to go with, check the size of the material available. Nothing more frustrating than ending up with a pile of 2' lengths of wood because your plan didn't fit the material in a optimal way. Eg. plywood often comes in 4x8 sheets, so making that the size of the floor is a good idea.

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