First Time Hatch, What to do?

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7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Dunlap, TN
Hi yall, we are hatching our eggs and remodeling a house, we lost track of the days. Yesterday was day 21 for about 11 eggs so we move to lockdown. This morning we have temp at 100 and trying to increase humidity 55% now. 2 eggs are rolling around and 1 has a small pip. My question how long does it take for the chick to hatch once they start wobbling? Any advice please, have been fighting a battle with neighbors dogs and predators, don't want to lose anymore.
Update. Still trying to get the humidity up now at 60%. One egg or cheep is chirping very loudly now. Feel like an expectant father, want to reach in and help. I have done wrong from the start and am so surprised that we've made it this far. If anyone has any suggestions please post. I'm going thru as many of the threads here as I can. Thank you all very much for all the informable threads.

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