first time hatching eggs! Help!!

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    Ok my BYC friends, I, on impulse, bought a LG 10200 with auto egg turner. I ran it for 1 day to regulate temp, set at 99.5 F. Today I put 30 eggs in, it will hold 40. Filled the water trough at the bottom, put 3 thermometers in. Cant be too

    careful on the first run!! The eggs are FBCM's and Olive eggers. I also have a hygrometer in the bator. I know I need to candle the eggs in a week, but Im not sure of the humidity settings and when to change them. Oh also I took 1 plug

    out of the top of the bator. Do I have it all right? is there anything else I need to know. The eggs are from my own FBCM flock so I dont have to worry about mail damage to the eggs. thanks for any and all suggestions and comments. As

    I said this is my first adventure in Hatching eggs!![​IMG]
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    first of all.. use only ONE thermometer.. pick one you think is correct and get the rest out of there.. I could go into a long explanation why,, but for just this one time, trust me..

    I run about 40% humidity, try to raise it to 60% at lockdown..

    due to the many opinions about humidity, and a lot of experimenting I have done.. humidity is not all that important..
    too high is worse than too low..
    except at lockdown, too low humidity% will cause sticky chicks.

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