First time hatching gosling


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Sep 18, 2014
Please help!!! My gosling hatched on tues was going well starting to use its legs yest but made a mistake by taking it out of the incubator into a box with the wrong lighting and found it almost dead this morning so put it into the incubator and seems to be doing ok part from not really walking how long should I leave it in the incubator for??? And it's not eating much at all!!
You don't necessarily have to keep it in an incubator, you just have to keep it under the right kind of light and heat element and keep it pretty warm, like 95 degrees F. To help with its leg development you can add brewer's yeast to its feed. The yeast is high in niacin which waterfowl need more of than other birds. You can also supplement with a niacin pill and of course, all the dark green leafy vegetables that it can it eat (don't give a lot of spinach, if any, because it will pull the calcium from their other foods out).
Thanks for that where do I get the pills from the yeast is not available at all here for some reason
Sorry. I had a family member with an issue. But anyway, did you find the pills yet? If not, you can get them at just about any drug store or health food store. The yeast isn't available where you're located? Where is that? They also carry Brewer's yeast at most health food stores, you might check there. How your gossie is doing ok.
Thanks heaps for all ur help poor lil thing died last night when I checked on him / her :( it's all up to the mumma goose now and will try again next year :) got bout 10 or 11 eggs under mumma goose :) the gosling was doing really well till I put it under the wrong lighting! He/she has tought me alot and from the advice everyone has given me thank u all heaps :)

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