first time hatching turkey eggs

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    Hi I will be hatching turkey eggs for the first time and I have a few questions. I have my incubator running so it will be ready for when they get here, But I was wondering where do you measure temperature from? I have two of the springfield hygrometers, I have one laying on the wire and one setting on block about an inch up. The higher one reads 100.2 and the lower one reads 97.9. should I raise temp up a bit since the eggs will be laying on the wire? Also any tips on how you have incubated turkey eggs
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    your temps are just fine..

    You treat them just like chicken eggs..

    after they hatch.......they do not require the high temp in the brooder that some people use for chickens.. they die quite easily in high heat.. I usually start at about 80F.. watch them and you can tell by their body language if they are too hot or too cold..
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    If you have a still air incubator(no fan) then temp. top of eggs should be 101.

    When hatch I brood on wire bottom, start temp. at 95 reduce 5 degree per week. Make sure they find the water and feed. raised 100% of my poults that i hatch last year.

    Have a few tricks if hatching in cabinet incubator also.

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