First time hatching.

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    Aug 10, 2015
    Wow that's crazy! I bought a still air. Follow the directions to a "T" and I might get one chick. I figured out that I can't plug the vent holes like the directions say to do or they all die. I have all the trays filled and wet rags in there and they can't get out of their shells. They can tear a small hole in the membrane but that's it. If I don't pip the egg and help them out they die. im going to compare humidity vs dry see what happens. They are wet so it could be too much humidity.
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    May 26, 2015
    Sound's like they're hatching! [​IMG]Just keep an eye on them. Sometimes it can take 24hrs for them to hatch though. Have any popped out yet?[​IMG]
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    3 so far. They like to get up under light where it's 104 degrees
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    most of the pipped ones have hatched - 6 so far. Breakfast is in the little fish dish, removing empty shells and leaving the rest alone and in there. They were not actually due until today, at 8:40 last night the first americauna hopped out. Didn't know they had weird intestinal contents hanging out at hatch, but didn't mess with them, seems to have gone in and they are nice and dry and warm and trying to eat the washcloth so I gave them a little starter mix. [​IMG]
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    just went in and shifted the rest of the eggs right up under the lights. What I and the thermometer think is too hot appears to be perfect. Moved the water bowl with pebbles and the food dish back. Opening did chill things a bit but they are warming right back up. CLosed a bottom vent, the only one I had open
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  6. Gypsi

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    I lost one chick overnight. It's insides didn't contract fully into it's vent. I think it was the one that took longest from pip to hatch. Think I should move chicks to my less humid brooder, keep incubator going for the other 12 eggs?
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    Dec 20, 2015
    Hello Everybody, this is my first time on this website so I have no idea how to use it, however, I do have a question about hatching my first eggs.

    They are supposed to hatch today, I woke up this morning at 8 and looked into my incubator to see that 3 of my babies have poked a hole into the outer shell. It is now 2:30 pm and the membranes are white and dry and I am very concerned. I have no idea when to intervene or even how to. They are moving and occasionally they will chirp and move around. Help?!
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    keep it warm, humid and the lid closed. It can take 24 hours for them to hatch from that first pip
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    I believe the trip to 113 degrees on last Monday was what killed most of my non hatching dozen. 3 sank in the water float test, one wasn't fertile, the other 2 chicks ran out of air from my low temps and excessive humidity. the other 9 have airspace and my guess is would have hatched if not for the temp spike, of the 6 that did hatch, that is about how many would not have been too close to the lightbulb and wouldn't have gotten hot enough. I lost 1, which leaves me with 5. I am getting another dozen eggs for my new bigger incubator but I need a thermostat that I can plug a light fixture into I think. Does anyone have suggestions?
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    when they pip a outer hole they are not ready to hatch... SURPRISED? they are just catching a breath, they don't want help! they will just sit and rest they still have yolk to use up!!!!. Chicks that pip will hatch, it may take 24 hrs.

    If you do try and "help" them out let me know... I will try and walk you through helping a bleeding and dying chick. No judgement or anything....maybe a little...
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