First time I have seen a DUCK ATTACK in the news!

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    SARASOTA - It was no walk in the park for 78-year-old Ingrid Cardozo last weekend. The Sarasota resident was snapping some pictures of ibises at Arlington Park, when out of no where, she was attacked by a large muscovy duck.

    "I wasn't bothering him, I wasn't feeding him, I wasn't doing anything to him," Cardozo said. "He raked my legs until I was a bloody mess."

    Cardozo managed to call for help on her cell phone. She can be heard on the 911 tape saying: “I was attacked by a duck! I am bleeding like a stuck pig on both of my legs.”

    When paramedics arrived, they treated her for her wounds. Since then, she has gone to her doctor and continues to wear a large bandage on her left leg. Other wounds remain visible. "I could not walk for two days. It was just too painful," Cardozo said.

    Wildlife experts say male muscovy ducks can be very mean. "Muscovy's can weigh up to twenty pounds. When they are angry, they will bite and scratch you with their claws," said Damen Hurd with Wildlife Incorporated.

    Hurd says this attack likely happened because muscovies are very territorial. "They will attack other animals, in addition to humans, who are around their pond," Hurd said.

    As for Cardozo, she is sharing her story so no one, especially children, have to go through what she did.

    "It was very traumatic," she said. "If a small child were to bend down to pet the duck or something, the duck could scratch their eye out."

    Sarasota County officials have learned of the attack, and are drafting signs to be placed in the park. They will make visitors aware of how aggressive muscovies can be.
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    May 9, 2012
    Around where im from it was in the news awhile back that a swan killed a man on a paddle boat. I didnt even know it was possible for a swan to kill a human! But apparently the guy wasnt that strong of a swimmer and he upset the bird somehow so it kept attacking him and he couldnt keep his head above the water. waterfowl can be pretty crazy sometimes.[​IMG]
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    Feb 27, 2012
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    Amazing stories both of them and very sad. especially the one where a death occured.
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    Apr 25, 2012
    I'm surprised to hear of this duck attack but more surprised to learn that a swan was able to kill someone! I'm from Chicago and I didn't even hear about that when it happened. Very strange. So sad for the man and his family. [​IMG]
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    I think the Muscovy heard through the duck-vine about what happened with his cousins to the north and went after the nearest human for revenge. Extermination of Muscovy Ducks ( j/k, I don't actually think they think like that. ) There is, however, a conflicting statement in a different report of the attack. "“I tried to take pictures of the ducks but they wouldn't stay still,” she said." Here: The Herald-Tribune Can't say for certain, wasn't there, but it's possible that she got too close and the male saw her as a threat. That's actually a natural sort of behavior isn't it? Protecting one's family and territory. It doesn't mean they're aggressive, it just means we need to learn to leave wild or semi-wild animals alone in their breeding and nesting season.
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    This is very upsetting, I hate to hear they are being killed because most of them were probably someones cute lil duckling at one time and it got dumped because it was growing up and messy. Too bad thats the only recourse is to kill them all.

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