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    May 8, 2017
    Hey all!

    I am a newbie here! Today we put our 6 week old chicks (all hens) in the coop and run for the first time, yay! They are having so much fun out there digging and scratching around. However, I have noticed twice now that my EE and Dominique are fighting. I believe the Dominique is the instigator, she is pulling the EE around by the fluff on her head (no feathers there yet). Each time I saw this behavior, I broke up the fight. For what it is worth, the Dominique is easily the smallest of our four hens.

    My question is: Is this normal chick behavior as they sort out their pecking order? Or should I take a more proactive roll in breaking this behavior? If so, what do you recommend I do to correct the behavior?

    They have a large run and coop. The coop could fit 6 full grown chickens comfortably, and the run is 10'x12'. Any suggestions are so appreciated!!
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    I would take the aggressor out for a few days. I do this with my roosters and it puts them at the bottom of the pecking order when you put them back. Sounds silly but I know a few people that do it.
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