First time incubating and i have 2 eggs pipped at small egg Please advise


6 Years
5 Years
Jan 23, 2014
I have 2 eggs pipped at the small end of the egg i dont know what to do please help me They are still alive i can see there beaks 1 has been like this since 2pm and the other one just started to pip with in the last hour
I got out some how but the other one is still stuck has made no progress
Well He is out i had to help him but he looks a little weak is this normal or do i need to do something else for him
take a pic,he or she will be fine,i have 12 hatching today,7 so far,had to help one a little,silver auburn turkeys
Chicks will often take a long break after pipping before they actually break out.A lot of people get too excited and try to rush them by helping.Only help as a last resort if it looks like it's drying out and don't pull the shell away from it rear end
What about it feet it can stand or sit it just rolls over on its back i have taped his toes but i dont know what else to do

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