First Time Incubating - Where to get the eggs!


10 Years
Jan 5, 2011
Vancouver BC
I searched the forum but am coming up a blank. Thanks for your patience if this question has been addressed and I couldn't find it! I am in the midst of building my coop. I've been planning it for 3 years, and finally have the time and opportunity to build it. I worked with my daughter's preschool to apply for a grant to buy the supplies to hatch chicks and we won it! So today I got to go shopping for an incubator, brooder supplies, feed etc. The plan is to hatch eggs in her (and her brother's) class and then to have the brooder with them part time until they are big enough to move into the coop I now need to build really fast haha!

So I have everything I need except the eggs. I live in Vancouver BC. I have looked on Craigslist, maybe it's just a bad weekend for it because I've seen them there before. Is it just too late in the year? Have we missed our chance? Does anyone know where I can get some eggs?

I put up this add in the meantime:

Any suggestions welcome, I appreciate your advice!
Had the idea to email all the people selling chicks on Craigslist to see if they could sell me eggs. I know that shipping is an option, but it's not the best for us given timing etc. It can be our last resort though.

I bought some on eBay (less then 15.00) and put some of my chicken eggs, called a friend who also has chickens and she gave me some as well. It's my first time so I wanted to see how it went before I spent to much money on eggs. I'm north of you in Bellingham..
I am also interested in incubating. Just in the research phase right now. I have read that Trader Joes carries fertile eggs. Not sure if
you have them where you live. Perhaps create a post requesting support in your local area. People may well want to contribute
to your project. Best of luck.
THank you all! I got this lovely email this morning, sounds fantastic!! Very sweet lady.
I think I'll be good!

Regarding the fertilized eggs for the school children, I have many different varieties all of which are really good natured and great with people/kids. Buff Orpingtons, Blue/black/splash Orpingtons, Blue laced red Wyanadottes, and the list goes on. I frequently have special needs children come for field trips from the school district out here and even the roosters are exceptional with them. If you want to make a trip out here to Chilliwack, I could sell you the eggs for what I charge for eating eggs ($3.50 per dozen) but there won't be any guarentees of which breeds or crossbreeds you might end up with. As for roosters, my suggestion to you would be to take them to the auction in Langley either Friday night or early Saturday morning and you could make a few dollars on them. Either way, you are welcome to come out and have a look at what I have if you like.
Criagslist is one of the better sources in our area. DO you have anything like 4-H in BC? Contact to see if the kids have eggs to sell. eBay has a huge variety but it gets expensive with shipping and the hatch rate is very low due to getting "scrambled" by the post office and the less-than-ideal temps they are kept at during shipping.

Best of both worlds if you are searching for a particular breed: Try searching eBay; there is a filter function after a search to list them closest to you first. If you have any within driving distance, contact seller to check if you can pick up eggs in person if you win. You get to skip the shipping charge and ensure the eggs are handled with TLC. We will be doing it this way next time if Craigslist comes up short.
I just got a bunch-a blue/green/slate colored eggs for friends and a farm. needed more cool colored eggs. incubators are going. I have room for 4 more?

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