First time incubating!!!


Mar 31, 2015
Today I bought my first incubator :). pro-series-circulated-air-incubator is the one I bought. It has an Automatic turner. My question I today I put 14 eggs in the incubator tomorrow can I add more eggs?
I add eggs one or two day after setting an initial batch and haven't noticed any problems. But, when you start adding beyond that, you run the risk of drowning the later eggs when you up the humidity at lockdown.

Though, it really is best to set them all at once. I also have two incubators, so I can move eggs from one to the other if I have staggered hatches...

these are my current eggs in incubator minus the black dotted "clears" that were pulled day 5. It will be staggered.

They will also be in incubator together the whole way. My batch in Nov. was staggered and I hatched 16/17. (2 power outages included) so I am not worried. Worrying and "helping" eggs hatch, kills more eggs.

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