First time letting hens hatch eggs...


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5 Years
Nov 25, 2014
I just read up on whatever info I could find on this site about letting hens hatch their own eggs. I still have a couple questions...

1. If the nesting box that the eggs were hatched in is about 8-10 inches off the ground (attached to the wall) is that going to pose a problem? Should I worry about the hen wanting to go back to that box each night after the chicks hatch? I don't see the young chicks being able to get back in that nest as its to high. Or will the hen just make a bed somewhere else with her chicks?

2. I have two broody hens that started sitting almost on the same day. They are in the same coop. Once the eggs hatch, will having two hens with chicks in same coop be a prob?

3. Also, I have 12 chicks that I incubated. They will be 3 weeks old when the broody hens hatch their eggs. Should I be concerned at all if they intermingle at times with the new chicks and momma hens?



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