First time meat birds


May 6, 2018
West Virginia (mountain momma)
To answer a few questions, I'm sure it's a rooster, though technically it would be a cockerel, 6 months old. He was raised with my Barred Rock and RiR cockerels. I feed them a crumble layer mix along with a mix of black oil sunflower seeds, whole oats, and corn. I don't give them a lot of corn because i know it's not so great for them but we've had a few colder days (high 20s at night) and this was their winter so maybe he did just pick a bunch of corn out.
instead of feeding them layer crumbles, you might want to switch to something like a flock raiser crumble. The added calcium in layer feeds are beneficial to laying hens, but pullets and roosters, along with older nonlaying hens can’t process and eliminate the excess calcium from their systems. Flock raiser typically has a higher protein content then layer feeds, so they can buffen up and grow nice feathers.


Nov 5, 2018
Tolland County Connecticut, USA
All that fat would make my Ronco rotisserie sizzle!! While processing meatbirds (Royals) I have noticed lots of fat on them @ roughly 9 weeks. Some having more than others. Maybe that’s why everyone says they taste so good. I think you’ll notice that even if you over cook the Lorp the meat will not dry out like your RIR will. Use it to your advantage based on how you’ll cook them.


Jun 21, 2019
The thing is my roosters live with the flock so changing the feed really isn't an option right now, but next year im going to try mixing my own so that they have a more free range style and can get what they need.
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