First time ordering ducks (hatching eggs, ducklings) online. Tips, advice?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by casslarrabee225, Jan 25, 2012.

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    The most reputable place I have found/heard about is Metzer Farms. The only down side is they are in California and I am in Maine. Has anyone bought from them that are near Maine and had good or bad results? Is there a place closer that you have had good results from? I need to add to my flock and will have to buy some online as there is NOTHING locally to me. [​IMG]

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    What breeds are you looking for and when do you want them? Adding new ducklings will require keeping them seperate from the adults so the drakes don't hurt them. You can co-mingle them once they have feathered out and are larger juveniles.
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    I am in Maine & there are some wonderful poultry swaps here. I have had great experiences with them. Check out the Maine thread, I am sure folks have ordered from Metzers there & could give you more info.
    This is the Maine thread:

    There are some really nice folks there.
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    I have ordered from Metzers on several occasions and NEVER had problems :) All of my babies arrives safe and sound (I've ordered in Sept, Jan, and May before).
    What breeds are you looking for? I have a small duck operation and have 8 different breeds (mostly medium and large breeds).
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    Hi everyone, I don't want to hijack the thread but I'm wondering the same thing. I've got my heart set on 2 female Welsh Harlequins. I've checked on craigslist and everyone is selling straight run, not to mention no one seems to have this particular breed. I want the ducks for pets and eggs but not for breeding so I really can't have a male and a female or else I'd have to deal with finding all the subsequent duck babies new homes. It looks like I'm stuck ordering online. I'm leaning toward Metzer's but I'm a little nervous since I'm in MA and they have to come all the way across the country. Are there any other places closer to get my ducklings? I'd be so sad if they arrived sick or dead. Thanks for any advice for a complete duck newbie!

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