First time setting eggs up in incubator


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
I would like to set some eggs today.
The incubator has been running since yesterday morning.

the temp right now is 38.6 degrees celsius ( a bit warmer then should be)
the humidity level right now is 48%

should I try to get the temp down even more before setting the eggs ?

and I had a thought. I have the hygrometer in the bator (battery enclosed) am I being paranoid about that NOT being good for the battery, moisture and the heat ??
You need to get the temp down it should be 99.5f for forced air incubator and 102f for still air. The hygrometer should be fine I think they are designed for humid conditions if you are still wary you could try one with the lead and probe that way the battery bit is housed outside they are also easier to check as you walk passed I find
the humidity says its at 48%, is that too low?
I am trying to get heat down.
slowly, but, surely.
That is warm for a forced air. I'd try to drop it about a full degree C. If it is a still air with the temperature taken at the top of the eggs, it is about right.

I had one of those combined digital totally-enclosed thermometer/hygrometer things. The hygrometer part seemed to work OK, but the thermometer part became untrustworthy in the higher humidity of lockdown. I don't know if that was due to the humidity causing some internal problem or it acting more like a wet bulb thermometer in the higher humidity. Besides, you really need to calibrate your thermometer before you can really trust it. I coluld not figure out a way to calibrate that thermometer and got one with a probe.

Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration

Rebel’s Hygrometer Calibration
You want your humidity between 40 & 50 % for the first 18 days. Then 60 - 70% for the hatch. Some of the water inside the egg needs to evap. in order to give an air bubble for the chick during hatch.
thanks for the link.
Gonna try that.

I tried to turn the temp. down, started to make a rattling sound, grrr.

perfect time to calibrate. I have time now, I guess , I can wait another day, haha.
when it comes to egg selection. If the egg seems like it could be a double yolker, due to it being quite large, is it best not to try incubate the extra large ones as well.
If they are pale eggs you should be able to see the yolk if you candle it, double yolker tend to quit I had one last year that survived with some help at hatching but I hear it's quite rare

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