First time to hatch!!!!


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Hi again. It is now day (gulp) 23. I have two that are trying to come out...Tiny little places, and one that has a hole where you can see a little beak. The one that is the most along, started pipping this morning at 7:00ish. It is now almost 6:00 pm and almost no progress. You can see his little beak moving around a little. I want to help him soooo bad! What will happen if I help him? How do I safely do it? Can he die if I don't help him? Help! I need advice quick!
Don't help until at least 24 hours. 48 if possible. You put the other eggs at risk.

Hatching is hard work. Keep your hands out of there!

STOP IT! NO TOUCHING! ....I can see you.
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It is KILLING me! I mean it! Heavy sigh. Okay, can you tell me some basics? Is it normal for it to take this long? Will my little chick be alright without my help? What about the other 11 that aren't doing anything at all? I sure don't want to have to have a stinky egg incident!
I have a dozen sultans in the bator that were due to start hatching today. Two others hatched two days ago, and this dozen is :cafstill in the bator. I seen movement two days ago, nothing now, so...I'm waiting.....
Leave the eggies inthere untilday 25, if you can.

If the chicks cannot get out on their own, and it has been 24+ hours, you can try to help them out. I have helped with good results and bad. I had a chick pip the entire half of her shell, and she dried out so fast, the membrane was like concrete. (the new year's hatch) Anywhoo, it took me 40 minutes to get her loose, 6 baths, and she was bald on one side. She was so sticky, I named her Gorilla Snot.

I have others I have helped out, that should have died before pipping. I had to put them down---very sad.

The first two chicks I ever hatched out were helped out. They were sizzles and waaaay to big for their shells. Both are still healthy.

---- is up to you. However, everytime you open the bator, you add to the risk of sticky chicks.

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