First Time to Open Gate?


8 Years
May 25, 2011
Hi everyone. Our chicks are nearing 4 months old and we have yet to let them out. We love the little buggers and are fearful we won't be able to herd them back in come dark. Just this week we went out to close their door after dark and found around 10 of them all bunched up in a corner of the run, had to carry each of them to their roost. So this has made us double fearful of letting them run free, all seem to have "bird brains". Please advise us where and how to begin.
Welcome to BYC. After 4 months they should know where 'home' is. Mine always come back to the coop. The only problem is the wild animals here who will eat them. @ this age you should be able to entice them with treats (oatmeal, veggies, etc) if they won't come in on their own. Good luck!

How long have they been in their coop? If it's been over a week or two, then here's how I handle it.....At first, I let them out about an hour before dark, and I watch them.....You'll be surprised at how they "go back home" when it starts getting dark.

You'll be surprised!
I asked a similar question a week or so ago. Mine were 10 wks old and I had had them for just 4 weeks in their tractor.

I let them out one night and by the third night they were returning to their coop by dark on their own.

i was surprised at the outcome, give it a shot.

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