First time w/ broody hen...sitting started 14 May 12


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Mar 19, 2012
Southern Mississippi
My unknown breed hen went broody about 3 weeks ago and though I tried to take eggs from under here and leave her with an empty nest, she still insisted on sitting. So, I got a few hopefully fertile eggs from a friend and she began sitting on Monday, 14 May 12. I tried candling last night (20 May 12) but not sure what I am looking for and if my flashlight was strong enough, as I couldn't really even see in the eggs (hoping that is a good sign). Only one egg I saw what I believe was a small air pocket at the top of the egg...but like I said this is my first time and I have no idea what if anything I was suppose to see at day 6.

Anyways, here's to happy hatching (hopefully) and a pic of my girl working hard. :) Oh and if any one can tell what breed she is that would be great! She is a small hen and lays small eggs, but is sitting on medium to large eggs right now.

lol I don't know, but I wanted to follow your progress. My first experience with a broody just began yesterday. I have been looking on you tube for egg candling videos. I wouldn't really know what to look for either. Yours is a very pretty hen :) Mine is an australorp, sitting on 8 eggs right now.
Sorry for the late reply...she lays small cream colored eggs. She is a bantam I believe, as she is small. Here is a pic of her egg next to my barred rock's egg.

As of this past Sat, my surrogant momma, has hatched two babies! Hard to see in the second pic, but there is a little black chick, right after hatching...we had to place with her bcuz she left the nest day before. We didn't even think the other eggs would hat because they were cold to touch on Sun morning, but around 4 pm I came out to check on the new baby and found another one in the nest just hatched! So adorbale watching momma teaching her babies. We ended up moving her to a temporary covered pen becuase my other chickens kept pecking the babies....all is great now.


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