First time with mail order eggs... Advice?


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
Hi everyone!

I've always ordered day old chicks because you can choose the sex, know the breed for sure, and the chance of loss of life is much smaller.
But I thought it would be fun for my kids to hatch day old chicks. So I picked up a basic incubator for about $50 at TSC and placed my first order for a dozen hatching eggs by mail.
I've read about hatching eggs, but that's about it.

Any insider tips for a newbie on how to get my first batch of eggs to hatch???
Hello. And welcome to BYC. Read up on Sally sunshines articles on hatching. Dont expect a lot to hatch for your first time hatching shipped eggs. You would be better if trying to find eggs locally, your hatch rate will be higher that way. I wish you lots of luck and please ask lots of questions, we are all here to help.
Okay, thanks so much!
We REALLY want some olive eggers, but no one has any for sale or any hatching eggs around here.
And we can't keep roosters where I live in the city so I can't make my own.
Fingers crossed we get at least a couple, and they aren't all males!!!
I just set my first batch of ship eggs as well. Do a lot of reading there's a lot of information here on what to do. In a nutshell everyone says to leave the eggs upright out of the incubator for about 24 to 48 hours then put them in the incubator fat side up for three to four days without turning then start your turning process
Critical things to do are to calibrate your thermometer, make sure your hygrometer is accurate, and follow the instructions. Read and reread the instructions to make sure you have ingested the requirements for that incubator.

Check on the temp / humidity often, make sure the incubator is in a room with relatively stable temperatures and away from direct sunlight. Most of the small styrofoam incubators recommend an ambient temperature of about 65 degrees.

Have fun and try not to stress your first hatch :)

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