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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I went out to feed my young goose this evening, so of course I had the 'good food' cup in my hand. Normally, in the morning, I have an ice cream bucket of flock raiser that I take with me to the barn to feed the quail. I always overfill it because there are a few spoiled rotten chickens that think they are entitled to eat directly from the bucket and totally avoid the 'chicken food' I put out for the others. I never feed the chickens in the evening (not yet anyway), only in the mornings.

    Apparently this little girl didn't get her fill before the other pigs ate all the food. As I walked into the barn with my empty cup, I felt the distinct feeling of bird claws on my back!! Apparently she decided she was going to fly on my shoulder or something and missed [​IMG]

    I've not had any that were so comfortable with me to purposely try to fly on me. I've had a few near-misses when someone gets knocked off the roost overhead, but never on purpose!

    It was kind of cool actually [​IMG] But she still won't hardly let me touch her [​IMG]
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    In the morning I always have some type of treats - fruit/vegetables. I have had to start putting them in "treat" dish before letting them out or I get trampled when they come running. If the treats are in a plastic baggie - they will jump up and pull the bag right out of my hand. Oh and if I go in with meal worms in the little white container look out they are flying up to get them.


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