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    Mar 23, 2009
    I am sure if you have been reading the posts today you say my impatience with my pipped eggs... I have/had 6 guinea eggs 1 bantam egg and 1 EE egg, pip over the last 24 hours... Well I was starting to get worried about the guinea eggs because the pipped yesterday afternoon and have made no progress... I researched all day and decided to assist one to find out they are alive but DRY!!! The membrane was close to being glued to them... The humidity since "lockdown" has been 65% to 70% temp about 100.00. I wouldn't of expected a problem. I was able to get all 6 out very quickly and back in bator with minor drops in temp and humd. which are both back up... My other two eggs pipped this morning, but now that I know there may be a humidity problem I am wondering when should I start to jump in again??? What about the other eggs that haven't pipped.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    If they just pipped this morning I would give them at least 12 hours befor mucking with them beacuse some times they pip befor the complety absorb there yolk but im no expert so im shure someone else will have something to say. Just wait for now [​IMG] crank up youre humidity to 80% if you can so hopefully the just pipped and unpipped will not need help
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    Jenn I am no expert but when I saw mine were not doing anything I took one of the windows out and sprayed them really good with very warm water. It seemed to help them Its not going to hurt them and if the membranes are dry it will help. Someone on in anothr post mentioned it so I tried it.
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    and when you do get them out and membrane is stuck to their backs or wings, or wherever, I just get a bowl of barely warm water and hold the chick's head above water and let them float in there and the membrane will just soak up in a minute or two and peel away really slick like. I have made the mistake of trying to pull one off and pulled all the back feathers and a small bit of skin with them. I have been running my still air incubators more to the 50-55% humidity and temp over the eggs at 101 as much as possible this time and they are hatching just great. No drowned chicks so far, and no sticky ones either.
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    I am really surprised that I had problems with humidity, it has run high the whole time! I am hoping that when I come home this evening, the two that have pipped have at least made some more progress....


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