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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LoriMom, Mar 15, 2016.

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    We moved to an acre lot on a pond and would like to get 2 ducks. Leanings towards Cayuga and/or Welsh Harlequin. I want sociable, relatively quiet and fairly good egg layers. My thoughts are 2 females (let me know if this will be an issue), and am considering 1 of each breed. Would that work? Or would it be better to get 2 of the same breed?
    Also- we live in Texas. Hot,long summers... is that an issue?
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    Is the pond on your lot or does your lot just happen to abut the pond in question? The former is one thing, the latter quite another if your plan revolves around allowing the ducks access to the pond.
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    I would go with cayuga or welsh harlequins if you want calm and social, welsh harlequins are very calm and lay pretty well. Though be warned quiet and ducks don't usually go together, especially female ducks. If you want quiet you should consider muscovy ducks since they don't quack they hiss, but I don't know how well they lay. I would see if you could get a one male, having a male around may make the females more comfortable and feel protected though just the two females should be fine as long as they get along. Make sure the ducks have plenty of water and if you have to put out a bowl of ice water.
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    My WH are generally quiet and lay very well. They can be very loud if they want to be. I've been getting an egg a day from each since they started laying a couple weeks ago. You can certainly get one of each breed. If they are raised together they should get alone just fine.

    If you aren't planning on raising your own ducklings I would not recommend getting a drake. Generally speaking, you'll need at least 3 females to keep a drake satisfied. A flock of all hens will be perfectly happy without a male.

    You'll need to be cautious of letting them go on the pond. They will be vulnerable to aerial attacks. Also, you'll need to make sure there are no turtles in the pond. Other have had problems with snapping turtles getting at ducks in the water. You'll also need to consider how you will get the ducks off the water. The will need a secure enclosure to protect them from nighttime predators.

    If you have the space you may want to consider getting three ducks. If you get two and something should happen to one of them the survivor would be very lonely. Ducks can get depressed and don't do well on their own if they are used to being in a flock.

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